Connecting with kids though book readings and workshops is the best way of staying directly in touch with children… what excites them.. what bores them… and what tickles their funny bone. Keeping children engaged is a challenge – and a joy that Sonia loves. She’s conducted several workshops – in schools, at Literature Festivals and online. Her workshops or readings are always a mix of a story, and some fun interactivity – through a game, role play, or action.

Here are some of her most popular ones-

The Green World Workshop

This is a workshop for environmentally aware kids who are passionate to learn more about the environment and make their own little changes.

Age group: 6+

The Discover India Workshop

Learn about India with a fun story and even more exciting fun facts. There are some interesting activities too.

Age group: 7+

The Dealing with Feelings Workshop

Dealing with emotions and feelings can be difficult but there is nothing that a good story can’t help. A good story, a fun activity and whole lot of fun is the what is workshop is all about.

Age group: 5+

The Values are Cool Workshop

After this workshop, kids will come away thinking values are cool. A good story and some fun activities make this workshop just what your kids need.

Age group: 6+

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