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Sonia has been many things – a journalist, a scriptwriter, a copy writer . . . But she’s finally come home to roost in her favourite space – writing books for children. She confesses that she’s been writing children’s books for longer than she cares to remember. First, coming up with stories to entertain her own little terrors. Then, co-founding a content company – Quadrum Solutions, where she joyfully created books for publishers across the world. And then, co-founding her current passion – PodSquad – where she helps create fun-filled learning tools and books for the littlest ones.

A lot of what Sonia writes for kids involves adding that little something through a story, that gives them something to mull over. Whether it be the importance of the environment . . . or how to deal with their feelings . . . or simply building a value system . . . it’s what she loves to do.

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